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+ 100% ORGANIC 

With six purifying essential oils, this fresh, herbaceous blend is a cleansing powerhouse that promotes a sense of opening and clearing, supports the immune system, and inhibits the growth of unwanted germs with potent antibacterial and antiviral plant properties.*

"3/19 is our first essential oil blend with seasonal support in mind. As seasons change, so do our emotional and physical needs. And with Spring comes an overabundance of congestion. To circulate this blocked, stagnant energy, I formulated the 3/19 blend rich in stimulating limonene and alpha-Pinene plant compounds. These compounds may improve the feeling of soothing relief by reducing the sense of congestion. It is a fresh, vibrant blend without the typical medicinal notes found in traditional chest openers."  - Kirsten King, Founder + Clinical Aromatherapist 


This bright essential oil is organic from Italy, cold pressed from fresh fruit rind, and is part of the Monoterpenes and Aldehydes plant chemical families. It invites uplifting, positive energy and may support the body with antibacterial, antiviral, and immunostimulant plant properties.*

This fresh, piney essential oil is organic from Bulgaria, steam distilled from fruit berries, and is part of the Monoterpenes plant chemical family. It uplifts and releases stagnant energy and may support the body with antifungal, decongestant, and immunostimulant plant properties.*

This balsamic, piney essential oil is organic from Canada, steam distilled from needles, and is part of the Montoterpenes and Esters plant chemical families. It circulates self-assurance and may support the body with anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and antibacterial plant properties.*

This fresh, minty essential oil is organic from Italy, steam distilled from leaves, and is part of the Monoterpenols and Ketones plant chemical families. It awakens and stimulates the mind and may support the body with decongestant, expectorant, and immunostimulant plant properties.* 

This herbaceous, camphor essential oil is organic from Australia, steam distilled from leaves, and is part of the Monoterpenes plant chemical family. It purifies and opens energy and may support the body with immonostimulant, antimicrobial, and antioxidant plant properties.* 

This piney, balsamic essential oil is organic from Canada, steam distilled from needles, and is part of the Monoterpenes plant chemical family. It promotes unbelievable strength and may support the body with antibacterial, immonostimulant, and antiviral plant properties.*

0.5oz (15ml)

Aromatherapy Use: Add 8 - 10 drops to water based diffuser. Not suitable for cosmetic use.

Consult a health professional if pregnant, nursing, or history of any allergies to any of it's ingredients. May cause irritation.

Citrus limon*^ (Lemon), Juniperus communis*^ (Juniper Berry), Picea mariana*^ (Black Spruce), Mentha x piperita*^ (Peppermint), Kunzea ambigua*^ (Kunzea), Larix laricina*^ (Larch Tamarack), Limonene†, Linalool† *Certified organic oil ^GC/MS lab tested †Medicinal plant compound found in essential oil above 0.1%


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

    What are essential oils?
    Essential oils are volatile oils – meaning they can evaporate. They are distilled from plant parts including: roots, trunks, twigs, leaves, flowers. 

    What are the benefits of using essential oils?
    Essential oils are more than just scent. They embody medicinal plant compounds that supports our physical and emotional wellbeing. With their intelligent micro molecules, essential oils have the ability to dive deeply into the skin and enter the blood stream quickly - unlike any other ingredient.

    Are essential oils safe to use?
    Yes - however, not all eo's are suitable for skin application. To minimize the risk of irritation, we recommend essential oils to be scientifically proven in purity through GC/MS technology, professionally formulated with skin-friendly oils, and diluted at an appropriate strength for desired results.
    Is there a standard grade for essential oils?

    Unfortunately, essential oils are unregulated. This leaves essential oils into two categories of either marketing or scientific terms. Marketing terms appear as “therapeutic-grade” or "third-party verified". Scientific terms appear as “GC/MS tested” or “Formulated with GC/MS technology”.

    What is Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Technology?
    GC/MS technology is non-proprietary, quantitative technology that measures plant compounds into exact percentages. It scientifically proves purity and plant DNA in essential oils. And certifies our essential oils are free from contaminants, irritants and diluents. To learn more about the benefits of GC/MS technology, read The 411 On GC/MS Technology and Top 5 Myths About GC/MS Lab Testing  

    Do you transfer lab reports from your suppliers?
    To uphold our strict purity standards, we do not transfer lab reports from our essential oil suppliers. Every essential oil batch is GC/MS lab tested by our independent, third-party botanical chemist. Download our certified GC/MS lab reports here.

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