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+ 95.3% ORGANIC

The only essential oil based sérum scientficially proven in purity. With ten cell regenerative essential oils rich in cicatricant plant properties, this formula may reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and age spots by increasing oxygen to cells and brightening skin tone.* It has 19% - 21% Limonene and 14% - 16% beta-Caryophyllene plant compounds.  


"To address signs of advanced aging, I wanted to start with a resin focused blend with an aroma that validates an inner compass. For this, I added balsam copaiba, opopanax, frankincense, and myrrh rich in cicatrisant plant compounds - perfect for wrinkles. Then, I strengthened the formula with lemon and sweet orange chock full of limonene to enhance skin penetration for deep delivery." - Kirsten King, Founder + Clinical Aromatherapist


This medium weight fruit oil is organic from Germanyand Co2 extracted from pulp. It is rich in essential fatty acids, catotenes, and phytosterols. It may address signs of premature aging.* 

This medium weight fruit oil is organic from Canada, cold pressed from seeds, and is rich in Vitamin E and A. It may act as an UV protectant, build collagen, and reduce the appearance of inflammation.* 

This woodsy, piney essential oil is wildcrafted from Somaliland and steam distilled from resin. It encourages reflection and supports skin with cell regenerative and anti-inflammatory plant properties.*

This citrus, floral essential oil is organic from Tunisia and steam distilled from flowers. It releases emotional trauma and supports skin with cell regenerative and antibacterial plant properties.* 

1oz (30ml)

Place small amount in palms and inhale. Then massage into skin. Use AM + PM.

Rosa canina* (Rosehip), Oenother biennis* (Evening Primrose), Hippophae rhamnoides* (Seabuckthorn), Rubus idaeus (Raspberry), Copaifera officinalis**^ (Balsam Copaiba), Commiphora guidottii**^ (Opopanax),  Tocopherol*** (Vitamin E),  Commiphora myrrha*^ (Myrrh),Boswellia sacra**^ (Frankincense),  Citrus limon*^ (Lemon), Citrus sinensis*^ (Sweet Orange), Santalum album*^ (Sandalwood), Juniperus virginiana**^ (Cedarwood), Aniba rosaeodora ducke*^ (Rosewood),Citrus aurantium var. amara*^ (Neroli), Benzyl benzoate†, Citronellol†, Coumarin†, Eugenol† , Geraniol†, Limonene†, Linalool†  *USDA Certified Organic Oil **Wild Crafted Oil ***Non-GMO Oil ^GC/MS lab tested for purity †Medicinal plant compound found in essential oil exceeding 0.1%.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are volatile oils – meaning they can evaporate. They are distilled from plant parts including: roots, trunks, twigs, leaves, flowers. 

What are the benefits of using essential oils?
Essential oils are more than just scent. They embody medicinal plant compounds that supports our physical and emotional wellbeing. With their intelligent micro molecules, essential oils have the ability to dive deeply into the skin and enter the blood stream quickly - unlike any other ingredient.

Are essential oils safe to use?
Yes - however, not all eo's are suitable for skin application. To minimize the risk of irritation, we recommend essential oils to be scientifically proven in purity through GC/MS technology, professionally formulated with skin-friendly oils, and diluted at an appropriate strength for desired results.
Is there a standard grade for essential oils?

Unfortunately, essential oils are unregulated. This leaves essential oils into two categories of either marketing or scientific terms. Marketing terms appear as “therapeutic-grade” or "third-party verified". Scientific terms appear as “GC/MS tested” or “Formulated with GC/MS technology”.

What is Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Technology?
GC/MS technology is non-proprietary, quantitative technology that measures plant compounds into exact percentages. It scientifically proves purity and plant DNA in essential oils. And certifies our essential oils are free from contaminants, irritants and diluents. To learn more about the benefits of GC/MS technology, read The 411 On GC/MS Technology and Top 5 Myths About GC/MS Lab Testing  

Do you transfer lab reports from your suppliers?
To uphold our strict purity standards, we do not transfer lab reports from our essential oil suppliers. Every essential oil batch is GC/MS lab tested by our independent, third-party botanical chemist. Download our certified GC/MS lab reports here.

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