OILLE (oy-elle) is the holistic healing art of clinical aromatherapy.

We are for the authentic. With essential oils easily, blindly adulterated with hidden diluents, irritants, or contaminants, we make purity a priority. Our intelligent essential oils are scientifically-proven in purity + plant DNA through GC/MS technology. We use clinical-grade, evidence-based essential oils in our formulas to synergistically support our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing through therapeutic scent inhalation and safe skin application. Discover the power of purity that gives you the performance you want.

Triple-powered principles.

We believe in scientific-proof, not false promises in essential oils. By connecting to truth, challenging transparency, and celebrating plant intelligence, our trusted triple-powered principles help you discover how to safely use essential oils:

1. Connect to truth
The truth is - essential oils are easily, blindly adulterated with hidden potentially harmful skin-irritating diluents, irritants, or contaminants. 

2. Challenge transparency
The transparency is - only GC/MS technology can discover purity and plant DNA in essential oils. 

3. Celebrate plant intelligence
The intelligence is - essential oils embody evidence-based plant compounds that intelligently support our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Why use essential oils in skincare.

We make sense of how and why essential oils work. With micro-sized molecules, essential oils deeply penetrate the skin quickly to deliver powerful, intelligent plant compounds backed by evidence-based research. Cicatrisant benefits may include repairing scar tissue, oxygenating cellular regeneration and calming inflammation. When properly formulated and lab-tested for purity, essential oils do not burn layers of skin like acids or chemical peels. Essential oils are biocompatible with the skin to deliver intelligent plant compounds to support your physical and mental wellbeing. Plants create essential oils to boost their disease-fighting immune system. With help from coevolution, we use these essential oils to support our own wellbeing, naturally. 

Formulated with GC/MS Technology.

We dive deep into plant chemistry. Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, a two-part analytical technology, identifies and quantifies substances within an essential oil into exact percentages. This non-proprietary technology, performed by a botanical chemist, is used to disclose if any hidden diluents, irritants, or contaminants are present and measures plant compounds, i.e. plant DNA. By naming the one-hundred plus medicinal plant compounds in an essential oil, we can verify the proper Latin name of the plant species, identify synthetic scent enhancing or nature-identical compounds, and determine if the plant was harvested at peak performance. It is the only technology that can scientifically prove purity in an essential oil. GC/MS lab reports are available here.  

Founded by a Clinical Aromatherapist.

We spotlight transparency in essential oils. When founder, Kirsten King, discovered 90-95% of essential oils are blindly adulterated with hidden, potentially harmful contaminants, she became an aromatherapist trained in anatomy and physiology, clinical trials, and professionally certified in the clinical use and application of essential oils approved by Association for Holisitc Aromatherapy (NAHA), Alliance of Aromatherapists (AIA), and International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA). As a formally-trained artist and former NYC-based fashion + beauty photo producer, King combines her creative, corporate background to the art and science of essential oils to create OILLE, the first clean beauty brand to scientifically prove purity in essential oils.

"I want you to feel well-cared for. I created OILLE so you never have to worry if your essential oil is safe to use or not."

- Kirsten King, Founder + Clinical Aromatherapist 

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