Named "expert setting a new standard" by The New York Times  and "one of the coolest green beauty nerds in the biz" by Bare Beauty, founder Kirsten King is raising the bar in clean beauty - to the ultimate transparency.  

In The Beginning
As a former artist turned entrepreneur, Kirsten started her career in New York City as a fashion and beauty photo producer for Fortune 500's after she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design. Ten years later, in 2012, King took a clinical aromatherapy class that activated an awakening. 

What Started The Vision 
While studying clinical aromatherapy, King learned there is a truth that was not being told - 95% of essential oils are easily, blindly adulterated. This pivotal moment inspired her to become a certified Clinical Aromatherapist to support an audience that wasn't being served by championing authenticity. 

Clinical Aromatherapy Background 
Kirsten King is trained in anatomy and physiology, clinical trials, and is professionally certified in the clinical use and application of essential oils approved by these industry-leading associations: Association for Holisitc Aromatherapy (NAHA), Alliance of Aromatherapists (AIA), and International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).  


OILLE (pronounced oy-elle) is the holistic healing art of aromatherapy. Our mission is connect to truth, challenge transparency, and celebrate plant intelligence - for the nonconformist that seeks authenticity. 

Feel What Is Real™ 
We spotlight the injustice of essential oil transparency by championing smart, GC/MS technology to scientifically prove purity + plant DNA in essential oils - for the highest purity standard. 

Our Ethos
We believe in the ethical use and safe application of essential oils to balance the body + mind. Our scientific approach manifests how and why essential oils are more than just scent - they intelligently support us, they #beautysmarter. 

Highest Purity Standard 
To uphold our strict purity standards, we do not transfer lab reports from our essential oil suppliers. Our independent, third-party botanical chemist performs GC/MS on all of our essential oil batches and provides certified lab reports available to download here. 

The Experience
When experiencing an essential oil in its highest purity form for the first time, our customers have said our products ignite a vibrational, visceral response. We invite you to experience the intelligence.  

OILLE is based in Atlanta, GA.