What are essential oils?
Essential oils are volatile oils – meaning they can evaporate. They are distilled from plant parts from roots, trunks, leaves, to flowers. 

Why use essential oils?
Essential oils embody medicinal plant compounds that support our body's natural ability to heal. With their micro molecules, essential oils enter the blood stream quickly to bring balance to our physical and emotional needs, restore energy levels to every cell in the body - unlike any other ingredient.

Are essential oils safe?
Yes - but not all eo's are suitable for skin application. To minimize the risk of irritation, an essential oil needs to be scientifically proven in purity through GC/MS technology, professionally formulated with skin-friendly oils, and diluted at an appropriate strength for desired results.

We do not recommend ingesting, applying on pregnant women and children or without a carrier and using above the recommended 1-3% dilution without the guidance of a certified clinical aromatherapist.  

Is there a standard grade for essential oils?
No - unfortunately, essential oils are unregulated. This leaves essential oils into two categories of either marketing or scientific terms. Marketing terms appear as “therapeutic-grade” or "third-party verified". Scientific terms appear as “GC/MS tested” or “Formulated with GC/MS technology”.