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scientifically-proven in purity.

Discover intelligent, biocompatible essential oils without hidden skin-irritating contaminants.

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organic, plant-based

formulas advanced in lab-tested purity

We believe purity equals performance. With essential oils easily, blindly adulterated with hidden skin-irritating contaminants, we scientifically-prove essential oil purity through GC/MS technology.


formulated with gc/ms technology

Our trusted data-driven technology discovers the superior purity you need for the intelligent performance you want — your body will know the therapeutic difference.

clinical aromatherapy

founded by a clinical aromatherapist

Feeling blindsided after discovering 90-95% of essential oils are adulterated with hidden contaminants, our founder created OILLE to champion transparency as the first clean beauty brand to scientifically prove purity in essential oils.

"I started OILLE to bring awareness to hidden adulteration in essential oils because I believe you are worthy of purity."

- Kirsten King, Founder + Clinical Aromatherapist