What is GC/MS Technology?
Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry is the gold standard scientists use in quantitative lab testing – meaning it can identify any foreign substance into exact percentages. For the purpose of essential oils, GC/MS scientifically proves purity + plant DNA, i.e. compounds.

Why use GC/MS Technology?
It produces the widest range of testing a single analysis can perform on an essential oil. It confirms if potentially harmful diluents, adulterates, or contaminants are present and identifies plant compounds into exact percentages. This valuable information is vital to protect the safety and performance of our formulas. 

What is on a GC/MS report?
Our reports include the essential oil history from country of origin to harvest date, essential oil chemistry from chemical family to compound summary.

Did this report come from your essential oil supplier?
No. To uphold our strict purity standards, we do not transfer lab reports from our essential oil suppliers. Every essential oil batch is GC/MS lab tested by our independent, third-party botanical chemist. 

Is this GC/MS report the same as a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?
No. In relation to an essential oil, a COA is a quality control report that only discloses the physical measurements of an essential oil. A GC/MS report discloses purity and plant DNA, i.e. compounds. 

Can I download the GC/MS report?
Yes. We are the first clean beauty brand to GC/MS test our essential oils for purity and provide their reports. Download our custom, certified GC/MS lab reports below.



3/19 Essential Oil Blend
Batch #133430 | Coming Soon

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Batch #133630 | Coming Soon

Frankincense Essential Oil
Batch #161029

Grapefruit Essential Oil
Batch #133530 | Coming Soon

Lavender Essential Oil
Batch #173329

Lemon Essential Oil
Batch #131029

Lemongrass Essential Oil
Batch #133730 | Coming Soon

Orange ( Sweet) Essential Oil
Batch #183129

Peppermint Essential Oil
Batch #183229

Rosemary Essential Oil
Batch #183329

Tea Tree Essential Oil
Batch #133830 | Coming Soon



Facial Sérum | Antigang Intelligence
Batch #123829 Batch #202628

Hair Sérum | Growth Intelligence
Batch #122629 Batch #211929


Download all our certified GC/MS lab reports here.