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"I formulated this scalp serum with a simple yet impactful idea in mind that growth happens when we stimulate the roots. I was inspired after a model shared when we were on set for a photo shoot how running helped her hair grow. I found this concept intriguing and felt compelled to create a product that could achieve the same results without the need of putting on running shoes to stimulate circulation. So, after extensive research in plant chemistry and product testing, I developed a synergistic blend of eight essential oils known for their circulatory plant properties that focused on the alpha-pinene and limonene constituents from the monoterpene chemical family. This powerful, potent combination works with enhanced skin penetration to increase blood flow and oxygenate the scalp creating the ideal conditions to stimulate hair growth. It's a safe, natural solution for those who want healthy looking hair without applying synthetic ingredients or ingesting questionable supplements. I use it by massaging 2-3 pumps of sérum into the scalp for 2-3 minutes. Then, I wash it out with shampoo. I love the instant va-va-voom it gives me." — Kirsten King, Founder + Clinical Aromatherapist